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Retaining Walls Built to Last for Generations

Retaining walls are very prevalent in the DFW metroplex due to the hilly nature of central and north Texas. Retaining walls serve many purposes and are used mainly for structural purposes and sometimes aesthetically as well. We offer a wide variety of wall installation services ranging from steel, stone, pre-cast block or even custom saw-cut quarry stones. All of the walls we build are constructed to surpass engineer specifications no matter the size. 

What type of retaining wall options are available?

Luckily, there are many types of retaining wall options available. Walls can vary from natural stone to manufactured blocks, and can even be constructed from steel. Since retaining walls are a hardscape element of your landscape project, we ideally would design it to tie in with your home or any other natural feature of your property; while simultaneously being structurally sound. 

Here are some of the retaining wall types that we construct:

  • Poured Concrete 

  • Natural Stone

  • Steel Walls

  • Gabion Walls

  • Quarried Limestone

  • MSE Blocks 

  • RediRocK Walls

Properly installed retaining walls can serve many purposes other than being an aesthetic element of your property. These are the two main structural elements retaining walls serve. Firstly, if you have a sloped property that is unusable a retaining wall will be able to level off your yard. Having a hillside retaining wall will allow many more options for outdoor living now that your space is functional! Secondly, retaining walls can add curb appeal to your home. Whether it is raising your front garden beds or replacing an older railroad tie wall. 

Professional Retaining Wall Construction in Dallas, TX.

If you have a current retaining wall that needs to get replaced or are looking to make your yard functional with a new wall, Southern has all the information you need. We take pleasure in helping you make an informed decision on your wall type, engineering/permitting, and of course the construction process. Feel free to ask us about material differences, cost comparisons, longevity, and also any ongoing maintenance that your wall may have. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Walls Built Right.
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