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Illumination Done Right

Say bye to bland when you add outdoor lighting to your home.

You might be wondering: “Why should I add outdoor lighting to my home?” 

Outdoor lighting increases home value, and curb appeal, and helps with home security. Landscape lighting can be used as a tool to highlight any area of your home, add warmth, or create focal points in your yard. Southern Design and Build can assist you with creating any ambiance you are looking for. Whether you are hoping to increase home security or create a magical outdoor oasis, we have the lighting solutions for you. 

The Southern team will carefully construct a perfect design and plan to properly light up your home and go over the plan with you to ensure it’s exactly what you are looking for.

8 Ways to Light Up Your Home:

  1. Downlights 

  2. Smart lights 

  3. String lights 

  4. Motion sensing lights 

  5. Path lights 

  6. Exterior Fascia & Wall Lighting 

  7. Spotlights

  8. LED strip lights for steps 

5 Benefits of Outdoor Lighting:

  1. Keep your home safe 

  2. Boost curb appeal 

  3. Added home value 

  4. Unlimited outdoor lighting options 

  5. Using your space after dark

Is Lighting Important?

Safety and Security - A well-lit home keeps you safe. Adding outdoor motion lighting can help keep intruders at bay and increases your visibility. But, that’s not the only way outdoor lighting can make your home safer. Deck lights, path lights, driveway lights, pool lights, and step lights can help your friends and family members see where they are going to avoid trips and falls! 

Beauty - Lighting up your outdoor space adds an extra touch of elegance to your home. It can be used to create ambiance in your outdoor living areas and make the exterior of your home look more lively and attractive. 

Illumination like no other.
Tell us about your project today.

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