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Turn your home into a showstopper with outdoor lighting in Dallas.

Say bye to bland when you add outdoor lighting to your Dallas home.

You might be wondering… “Why should I add outdoor lighting to my home?”

Outdoor lighting increases home value, curb appeal, and helps with home security. Landscape lighting can be used as a tool to highlight any area of your home, add warmth, or create focal points in your yard.

The Importance of Outdoor Lighting in Dallas:

1. Safety and Security

A well-lit home keeps you safe. Adding outdoor motion lighting can help keep intruders at bay and increase your visibility. But, that’s not the only way outdoor lighting can make your home safer. Deck lights, path lights, driveway lights, pool lights, and step lights can help your friends and family members see where they are going to avoid trips and falls!

2. Beauty

Lighting up your outdoor space adds an extra touch of elegance to your home. It can be used to create ambiance in your outdoor living areas and make the exterior of your home look more lively and attractive.

3. Boost Curb Appeal & Home Value

Adding outdoor lighting to your home will enhance its beauty and transform the look of your property once the sun goes down. You can use it to highlight structural features and create focal points on your property as well as enhance your outdoor living areas which can increase the value of your home or give your family warmth and fun for years to come.

4. Usable Outdoor Living Space after Dark

Outdoor light is a great addition to any property especially when it comes to the outdoor living spaces. It will give you the ability to continue using your space after dark while also adding warmth and creating comfortable surroundings. You can also use lighting to help define entertaining, seating, playground areas.


8 Ways to Light up your Dallas Home:

1. Down-Lights

Down-lights would be used in tree canopies, facia boards, and also the corners of your home.

2. Smart-Lights

Smart lighting is a feature we install on almost every Dallas home. You can program different times to turn on via an app on your phone or even change the lighting colors depending on the system installed.

3. String-Lights

String lights are great if you have a pergola, patio, or fence to drape them over. It provides a very unique and warm cozy feeling in any environment.

4. Motion Sensing Lights

Motion sensing lights are ideal for home security. They're off the majority of the time unless an object is sensed in the distance...and bam!... they turn on!

5. Path Lights

These specific lights can come any many designs and are mainly aligned alongside a pathway. They ensure a safe walking path in the dark of the night and also add to the aesthetic element of your landscape.

6. Exterior Facia & Wall Lighting

The main of this specific lighting is for aesthetics. They also provide for great entry lights leading up to your home.

7. Spotlights

Spotlights are great if you want to showcase columns on your home, trees, or any sculptures. We can mount them in the ground, on your home, or even in trees!

8. LED Strip Lights

Whether you have set of stairs you would like to light up or a seating wall, strip lights would be ideal for this scenario. They are typically mounted under caps of walls or steps and can also come in many colors.


Southern Design and Build can assist you with creating any ambiance you are looking for. Whether you are hoping to increase home security or create a magical outdoor oasis, we have the lighting solutions for you.

The Southern team will carefully construct a perfect design and plan to properly light up your home and go over the plan with you to ensure it’s exactly what you are looking for.

When you’re ready to take your home to the next level give Southern Design & Build a call!


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