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5 Benefits of installing an Automated Irrigation System

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Automated irrigation systems have been designed to deliver just the right amount of water to keep your landscape at its best. When you install an automated irrigation system you will not only be left with a greener yard, you will also save time and money. A smart irrigation system is a great addition to homeowners!

1. Save Time With No More Manual Watering

One of the best benefits that comes with installing an automated lawn irrigation system is that it does the watering for you, which can save you time and money. An automatic irrigation system only gives your yard the water it needs and conserves the rest. It can be programmed to fit the needs of your unique landscape. No more planning around watering the plants because it will do it for you!

2. Cut Costs and Save Money

Another benefit of automated irrigation systems is that they can be programmed to only use a certain amount of water and conserve the rest. Switching from manual watering to automatic irrigation will cut down your water usage which will lower your water bill. With a professionally designed irrigation system you can ensure that all of the water being used is directed to the right location for the right amount of time.

3. More Accuracy

A properly installed irrigation system will direct all of the water to the right location for the right amount of time. Another option is a drip irrigation system which directs water directly to the plant’s roots instead of watering the whole garden. Which means less weeding because they will no longer get the water they need to survive.

4. Eco friendly

With water conservation laws in the DFW area installing an automated irrigation system is what you need to keep the grass green. You will greatly reduce the amount of water you use to water your lawn and garden with the strategic placement and timing of your irrigation system.


Installing an irrigation system on your property has many benefits. It not only leads to a greener and healthier lawn but will save you time and money. Call Southern Design & build today to learn more about how you can save time and money with an automated irrigation system.

A member from the Southern team will evaluate your landscape properly and recommend the best solution while considering all factors such as property slope, sun exposure, and climate. You will then receive a plan that ensures your landscaping will be watered properly year round! Call our office today to get started.

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